Review: Night Owl Coverless Duvet – a heavenly night’s sleep from The Fine Bedding Company

There’s one thing you can guarantee that everyone loves (children and adults alike) and that is a good night’s sleep. One thing that we all own and is personal to us, but we may not give much thought to very often is the duvet we have on our bed. Changing the duvet covers is not one of my favourite jobs at all (even less so after my adventures with long covid), so when the Fine Bedding Company very kindly asked if I’d like to test out one of their coverless duvets we were more than glad to! Here is our review of the night owl coverless duvet from The Fine Bedding Company and what we thought.

night owl coverless duvet

A Coverless Duvet? Tell me more!

Yes, you heard right. It’s a duvet cover that doesn’t require a cover. That means you can use it as is. No duvet covers to wrestle with, it’s literally a grab and go type affair. All you need to do is put it on the bed and just provide a fitted sheet for your mattress and a pillowcase for your pillow. We wanted to treat our daughter to some new bedding to her revamped bedroom for the new year, and went for the Single Night Owl Coverless Duvet in ‘Dusk Pink’. We chose a 10.5 tog for all year round warmth.

Who are the Fine Bedding Company?

The Fine Bedding Company have been in business for over a hundred years. They started in 1912 as a small family company originally supplying large cruise liners and ships, before moving on to develop luxurious, solution-based beddings products. Now they are a fourth-generation British business whose aim is to create a better product for a better night’s sleep. They have their own 100% zero waste eco-factory. Their key values are quality, craftsmanship, sustainability and ethical sourcing. Definitely a way forward in terms of what we choose to purchase these days!

night owl coverless duvet with pink peacock toy

Review - Key Features of the Night Owl Coverless Duvet from the Fine Bedding Company

  • Sizes: Available in Single, Double, King and Super King (in certain colours)
  • Colours: available in Dusk Pink, White Seersucker, Aurora Green, Twilight Blue and Cloud Grey
  • Warmth: available in two togs - All-year-round warmth 10.5 tog and summer 4.5 tog
  • Home washable
  • Fast-drying
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lightweight
  • Soft to the touch

That fresh bedding feel!

The duvet itself comes in a handy duffle bag. This is great for portability (to take on sleepovers and holidays) and also for storage when not being used. We were immediately impressed by the pastel pink colour and the softness of the duvet. Little C was very excited to try it out in her bedroom, which has had a bit of a new year’s makeover with new wallpaper and a furniture re-arrangement to freshen things up for the new year. This duvet has really been the topping on the cake.

The best thing about the duvet is it is ready to use and you don’t need to use a cover on it. So, all you need is a sheet and pillowcase and you have everything you need to change the bed. We chose a matching pink pillowcase for Little C, which also came in the same soft material as the duvet.

night owl coverless duvet duffle bag

A lifesaver!

The night owl duvet prides itself on the fact that it is washable. When you’ve got sickness bugs going around the primary school, or dealing with inevitable accidents, having a duvet you can give a good wash in the machine and dry easily is a dream come true in a family household. The night owl duvets all fit in a standard 7kg+ capacity washing machine (which is the size of most domestic washing machines these days). When they dry, they retain their shape and don’t clump all together too. Having something available in the cupboard to just whip out onto the bed without a duvet cover in the middle of the night is great too. From a busy parent’s point of view, I really appreciate this. Little C loves her soft new pink duvet and we are tempted now to get a kingsize for our own bed!

night owl coverless duvet

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about the Night Owl Coverless Duvet by visiting the Fine Bedding Company website, where you can see all the range of beautiful bedding they have to offer. What do you think of coverless duvets? Join the conversation by leaving a comment below or by visiting our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages.

In the meantime - have a great night’s sleep!

(Disclaimer: We were sent a Night Owl coverless duvet for purposes of this review and contains affiliate links, however, all views and opinions are our own. #ad)

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