Bouncing Fun at Jump In Trampoline Park Warwick

When it comes to thinking of ways to wear out children, one thing that often crops up is Trampolining! This fun, bounce-tastic (sorry, couldn’t resist) activity is one of our favourites, so we were pleased to be asked along recently to try out Jump In Trampoline Park, Warwick. Perfect for these long summer holidays! Here, you can find out more about what’s inside and also what they’ve got going on during the holidays. As well as Warwick, you can also find Jump In Trampoline Parks at Aberdeen, Camberley (Gravity Force), Edinburgh, Elstree, Enfield, Shrewsbury, Slough and Tonbridge.
Photo Credit: Phil Wilkinson

What’s Jump In?

Jump in is a trampoline park for your bouncing pleasure. It is for all age groups, although for obvious reasons very popular with kids. Jump In was started after the owners visited a similar trampoline park and thought that the idea had legs (and yes, they were right!). Jump In currently operate 9 parks across the UK (as of August 2019) and this review is about the Warwick park. The ‘Warwick’ tag may be a little confusing as it is actually based in Leamington Spa, but even after having lived in Warwick now for a year I get confused where the two towns merge!

Booking On

We decided to book online for our trampoline visit. But don’t worry, if you decide to show up on the day you can do that too (although a small walk in charge will apply). We booked online via the website which was colourful and very easy to use. The choices were clear and prices were fair. A peak open jump (the standard choice for ages 4+), ranges from £10.50 (1 hour) to £14 (1.5 hours) and £16.50 (2 hours). We chose a few hours of these for our older guests, and for myself and Little C, we chose ‘Toddler Time’, £8 (1 hour) which includes both adult and child.
Photo Credit: Jump In

Arrival at the park – excitement building!

Little C has been trampolining since a very young age. Out of all the activities she’s tried, jumping has been one of the popular ones and this has been more apparent since she’s grown older. I kept our visit a surprise, so when we turned the corner to the park and she saw the signs, she was very pleased! The park is based in Tachbrook Park, Leamington Spa – this is in the industrial park just behind the shopping park and Sikh Temple. There is plenty of free parking and you don’t have to walk too far to the entrance either! We were asked to arrive early (they suggest half an hour before) to sort out our tickets. The friendly guy on reception made us feel very welcome and gave us wristbands to wear. We also were given the option to buy special ‘grippy’ socks which are a must on the trampoline (you don’t want to end up flat on your posterior!). My daughter and I already own several pairs so bought ours from home. We safely stored our valuables in a locker (don’t forget a pound coin!) and then went into a safety briefing room for a short 3 minute safety video. This video tells everyone, adults and children included, the rules of the trampoline park. From the sensible (no bouncing on the same trampoline, no food and drink on the trampolines) to the funny ones (no nunchucks or tiaras). This is a fun, engaging way to keep all jumpers safe! Once the briefing had finished, we then made our way to start jumping on the trampolines!
Photo Credit: Phil Wilkinson

An amazing sight!

When you first step into the park, it is an amazing sight. It is a plethora of wall to wall trampolines, jumps, air bags and foam pits! I think that as a child this would have been an absolute dream. As a child growing up in 80’s and 90’s (cough) this would have been perfection! So to kids today, you can only imagine how they see it, they must be astounded. I know I am, and the joy on Little C’s face proves it too. On this visit, we took along her friends O (age 4) and B (age 1) and their mummies. It was great fun to see the two older ones running off and jumping. His mum and I could barely keep up! We are lucky that the arena is open but an enclosed space so it was easy to keep track of our two duracell bunnies. Little B and his mum enjoyed some more gentle time in the enclosed toddler area (more below).
Photo Credit: Jump In

What’s inside?

There are numerous trampolines (including up the walls for you to bounce off, and things to jump off which Little C cannot get enough of). You can also find:

Tumbling tracks

– to practise your acrobatic tricks or just have bounce races with your mates.

A dodgeball section

– just like that famous movie, but with added bounce.

Platforms to jump off

– and land on giant air pillows. We haven’t yet tried this one as you need to be able to jump up to the very high platform yourself. My other half / Daddy to Little C has though and says it’s awesome. We saw loads of people having fun on this when we went too!

Giant Foam Pit

– you can jump off the trampolines and land softly. Little C and O had a competition here to see who could jump the highest.

Balance Ladder

– this is a rather wobbly rope ladder that you can climb up and try and ring the bell at the top. Careful not to fall off! Although if you do, there is a foam pit to cushion your fall. This ladder has been a great favourite of Little C since having been on it during a birthday party.
Photo Credit: Phil Wilkinson

Basketball Hoops

– you can throw the balls in the air or slam dunk like a pro (the trampolines help with the height)

Enclosed Toddler Area for Under 5’s

– our little 3 old and her 4 year old friend are very confident so enjoyed bouncing in the open area with the older ones. However, 1 year old Little B and his mum made great use of the area for little ones. These are mini trampolines and toys that the tiniest visitors can explore at their leisure!

Soft Play Area for under 5’s

 – as we visited with a 1, 3 and 4 year old this was perfect. However, this would also come in handy for those families visiting with different aged siblings to keep everyone entertained. The soft play is a decent size, with fun slide and very deep ball pool. We spent quite a bit of time here once we had finished trampolining, just to make sure that the children were well and truly worn out.


– The cafe has lots of tables for parents (and children when they’re not busy bouncing) to sit. The cafe has a wide selection of food and drink and is reasonably priced. We enjoyed some slushies and popcorn after a very enjoyable play session. There are a few ‘money munchers’ about – but not too many. A few pound coin toy machines, table football, toy grabber machine, tractor to ride and a hurricane simulator – this sounds like great fun but we might wait a few years for that one!
Photo Credit – Phil Wilkinson

What did we think of Jump In Warwick?

To sum it up, Little C says ‘this is super fun!’. She is right. We had (and always have) an excellent time at Jump In Warwick. It is a super venue. The staff are really friendly, the facilities are clean and spacious and it provides the perfect place to bounce. I love the fact I can bounce alongside my child and get some exercise and our little one loves it as she can be as active as she wants to be. It is a great place to meet up with friends and play together too. I think it is great for our little one as it provides fun and exercise too, and certainly has helped with whiling away the long hours of the school holidays. It is also great for those rainy days when you’re stuck inside. But don’t let that be a pre-requisite for having fun – the trampoline park is also great for a break from the sunshine – and just well, any time really!). We give Jump In Trampoline Park Warwick a whopping 5 stars! Don’t just take our word for it though. Jump In and see for yourself.

Special Offer for the School Holidays – Summer 2019

At time of writing (August 2019), Jump In Warwick are currently offering a fantastic deal on jump prices for the school holidays. Jumpers can buy a summer pass for £35 (5 jumps) or £60 (10 jumps). Not only is this great value, you can also share jumps between friends and family so can enjoy the savings together.
Photo Credit: Jump In
As it’s Summer (yes, really, despite the questionable weather!), Jump In are also hosting ‘Summer Fest’ which means that extra fun and games are lined up, including indoor welly wanging, giant Jenga and volleyball, as well as the chance to get some bling with a glitter tattoo. Jumpers will also have no trouble cooling down with the Summer Fest special offer – when you buy three slush drinks, there’s a free fourth one on them! (Valid throughout July and August 2019).

An easy way to keep your child happy and healthy!

We loved our visit to Jump In Trampoline Park Warwick and we are 100% sure you will do too. It is a great way to keep your child happy and healthy (and hopefully also guarantee you a good night’s sleep too). Have you been to a Jump In Trampoline Park? What’s your favourite thing to do there? Let us know using the comments box below or by joining the conversation on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. (Disclaimer: We were gifted some vouchers to use for our visit(s) for the purposes of this review. However all views and opinions are our own.)

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