To my daughter on your first day of school

Today marked a huge milestone in your precious little life. Your first day at primary school.

We have pictured this day for the last few years as we’ve seen you grow up into the big girl you are who is now ready to embrace life’s adventures. You have got your pretty new pinafore, polo shirt, school cardigan and butterfly embellished shiny shoes! Everything’s ready – you’ve got your bottle, book bag and a big smile on your face. Your wispy blonde hair is pulled neatly into a ponytail in an attempt to look smart. You were so excited upon waking this morning that you said you just couldn’t speak! (That’s a first, you are never quiet. And almost never lost for words).

It doesn’t seem like five minutes ago that you were born

Your Daddy and I welcomed you into the world in October 2015. You kept us waiting for almost 2 weeks after your due date and then arrived in a bit of a hurry. You instantly warmed our hearts and showed us that you were the most special gift that life had ever given us. You are perfect. You were always quite vocal and still continue to be. We hope this bodes well for you as you navigate your path in life! Little could we imagine what a delightful almost 5 year old we would have in 2020 starting reception class at primary school.

A bundle of emotions

You said you were very excited but a little bit nervous about starting school. You will feel many feelings during life. Feeling a bit nervous is absolutely ok. You may have felt your first real case of ‘butterflies’ in the stomach as you’ve been a little off your food today and kept saying you felt all funny. However, your nerves soon disappeared as soon as we reached the gates.

Your family are so incredibly proud of you

After taking the obligatory uniform photo by the front door, you chose to travel in on your pink scooter. You, Daddy and I all went in together today on the school run as no-one could miss it for the world! Your Grandma and Nana both couldn’t wait to see how it went, and other friends and family were also in touch.

Starting school in a global pandemic

Things continue to be different this year during the coronavirus lockdown. We have spent so much time together at home which has provided many challenges but at the same time opportunities too. We home-schooled where you missed out on your final 4 months of pre-school. The pandemic has meant that starting school is different for you.
  • You haven’t had the home visits that the teachers would normally do. Instead, you’re starting school slowly, building up to full days in a few weeks time.
  • Different year groups cannot mix together as you are in a ‘bubble’.
  • You must follow a special footprint trail to enter and exit the school, and parents must wait on socially-distanced red dots in the playground at the end of the day.
  • Parents cannot come in for school assemblies and performances and also won’t be able to visit your classroom for the time being.
Things will get back to normal though, you are amazing at taking things in your stride and getting used to the new rules and ways of life. It did break my heart a little when you asked whether you’d still be able to hold hands with your friends at school due to the virus. Of course sweetheart. You are young. You are not being expected to socially distance. Make friends and feel free. You are in a bubble. You must feel safe and free to express yourself in this!

Friends are special

Your best friend from pre-school is in your reception class with you. You held hands in the playground and made lego sculptures together. She made a trampoline and you a rain shelter. You experienced your first day together and will have many more fun days together too. You will also make new friends. Some children you will prefer more than others. That’s fine too. Just remember always be kind and treat others how you’d like to be treated too. Smile. Take turns. Always be yourself. Have fun.

With a flash, you were off

It wasn’t long after meeting the teachers and teaching assistants that you were off. You disappeared into the classroom to settle in with a small group of children also starting with you. Everyone is starting to learn each other’s name and getting to know each other. Adults forget names all the time, if it takes you a long time to learn, then that’s ok! You have two class teachers. One likes cats and one likes art. It will be fun getting to know them. These teachers have such an important role to play in helping shape your life and education! Ask questions. Listen with your listening ears. Try your best. Know that sometimes you’re right and sometimes you’re wrong. It’s ok. Just do the best you can in all you do, and you will shine!

Oh how you have grown!

I am so happy that you are my daughter. My heart could burst with all the love I have for you. Today was incredibly emotional for me to watch as you spread your wings. We have spent almost every day together since you were born. Both of us have cared for you, talked with you, sung with you, explored with you and kept you fed and watered. We have encouraged you to walk and talk. We have taken you to baby and toddler groups, soft plays, gymnastics groups and had many a trip out. You have joined theatre groups and performed on stage. You enjoy visiting castles and the Shakespeare properties.

I will miss you but know you are in good hands!

I have spent SO much time with you as I have been lucky enough to be a part-time working and stay-at-home Mum for most of your life so far. I hope that I have managed to in part help nurture your personality, attitude and curiosity to set you up for school. I sure am going to miss you, and look back with fondness that we have had that (and continue to have) a special bond.

Now it’s time for you to start school which is going to be one of the best times of your life! I am so excited for you. You are in great hands with many wonderful teachers who will educate and inspire you. I cannot wait to see what opportunities come your way and how you will grab them. I am looking forward to you making new friends, trying new things and learning lots. I hope that you continue to tell us about how it all goes. Mummy and Daddy will be waiting right there for you at the school gate!

Love Mummy x

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8 thoughts on “To my daughter on your first day of school”

  1. She’ll have such a wonderful time at school. My eldest has just started secondary school. It wasn’t that long ago she was starting primary schooling. It goes by so quickly. I’m sure she’ll make loads of great little friends there.

  2. They grow up so quickly, I’m sure she’ll have a great time. I can’t believe two of our grandsons are now at Secondary school !

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