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The build-up to Christmas with a child is simply magical. Instead of just enjoying Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, it seems that once Halloween is over, the festive season has begun! One way of enhancing the excitement is for your child to receive a personalised letter from the big man himself – Father Christmas (or Santa Claus as he is also known!) We were lucky enough to receive a letter from Santa via the elves at Lapland Letters.

Lapland Letters provide personalised letters from Santa (or Father Christmas if you’d prefer).

Ordering our letter

As usual, I’d missed the date for the Royal Mail letter from Santa. Therefore, I was glad to see somewhere where I could order a personalised letter within my timescales (e.g at the last minute). I ordered via a simple form where I had to enter lots of details such as my child’s name, age and hometown. I also included details of her friend’s names and also had the option to provide a special message (more of that in a moment).

Receiving the letter

The letter came through the post fairly quickly (within a week). The special ‘Official Lapland Letters’ red envelope came complete with Santa stamp and a message ‘must arrive by Dec 25th’. The back of the envelope read “Have you been good this year? See inside”. Little C was very excited to receive the envelope through our postbox. She was especially glad to hear it was addressed to her!

What’s inside?

  • Personalised letter from Santa / Father Christmas

The letter was very well written and more personalised than previous ones that we’ve seen. Little C was mesmerised to hear that Santa knew exactly what she wanted and also knew that we’d moved to Warwick (so he knew where to go). As parents, we also liked the fact that you could choose whether it was from Santa or Father Christmas, as different children know him under different names. We also liked being able to include an extra message. In our case, it was positive encouragement to keep up with her dance and drama classes. It also mentioned that she should eat well at mealtimes to remain on the good list!

  • Santa’s Secret Map

In our opinion, this is a lovely idea. This is a map of the world to track where Santa will go to deliver presents to children on Christmas Eve. We could also use the detailed map as a learning tool to talk about different countries.

  • Magic Reindeer Food

All the rage this year, no Santa gift seems to be complete without Magic Reindeer Food – an oat and edible glitter mix. We’re not yet convinced how safe it is for wildlife yet to put in the garden. We will definitely leave in a bowl in the kitchen though with the carrot for Rudolph and his buddies! 

  • Santa Please Stop Here Poster

A beautifully designed poster to put in the window so Santa knows where to deliver presents! 

  • 2018 Good Child List / Good Child Checklist

This is a checklist for children to see whether they deserve to be on the good child list. There are four main checkpoints – be good, be kind, help others and go to bed on time. Luckily all children seem to luck out and be on the good child list, and there is a personalised certificate to prove this.

  • Santa’s Wishing Stars

You leave the wishing stars on the tree on Christmas Eve. Hopefully your child’s wish list has not changed at the last-minute!

  • Colouring Activities

Perfect entertainment for a rainy afternoon!

Delivery before Christmas

For delivery before Christmas 2018, you should order by Wednesday 19th December 2018 (Standard Delivery) or Friday 21st December 2018 (Express Delivery). They promise guaranteed delivery before Christmas if you order by these deadlines.

What did we think?

Little C enjoyed receiving the letter and was very chuffed that ‘Santa’ knew lots about her. We were pleasantly surprised at the level of personalisation for our child. The letter isn’t as cheap as others like it, but we feel that the extra personalisation and individual extras you receive make up for this. Plus, you can order quite close to Christmas which is great if you’re still making last-minute arrangements. Our favourite features were the extra message from Santa and also personal mention of her friend’s names and also Santa’s delivery map. Find out more on the Lapland Letters website.
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*Note: I received this product in exchange for an honest review. However, all views and opinions are my own.*



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