Why parents of small children deserve that 9 p.m glass of wine

Picture this. It’s 9 p.m. You’ve sat down for what seems like the first time today. Wouldn’t it be nice to crack open the bottle of wine and enjoy a nice glass? Being a parent, gone are the days of going to the pub and drinking all evening (drinking TOO much is not healthy for you anyway). I’m not talking every day (it is always recommended to stick to drinking guidelines), but as the occasional treat sometimes all you want is just a nice glass or 2 to hit the spot.

Parenting is a full-time job

As parents of a tearaway (aren’t they all) toddler, we know from our own experience and from speaking with other parents about how it isn’t just a guilty pleasure it’s a somewhat pathway of parenthood. Some might say a necessity. Wine is now seen in a new light. When you’ve been up since the crack of dawn, prepared dozens of snacks and meals, fought a hundred battles, played a thousand games, it’s only right that you have time to unwind. Here are some reasons why parents of toddlers and young children simply deserve that evening glass of vino!

1. Parenting on demand.

“Because we have to get up and show up no matter what and how many times they have us up in the night.” – Lianne (Ankle Biters Adventures)

2. You won’t EVER prepare that toast in the correct way!

“You deserve that glass of wine because they cry because they don’t want toast. Then they cry because you ate ‘their’ toast. They then cry because you made it but didn’t cut it. Then cry because you cut it diagonally rather than squarely. You can’t win.” – Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

3. When your child is over-tired but won’t go to sleep.

“Because they cry because they’re tired but then just won’t go to sleep! I’d love to be able to have a nap because I’m feeling cranky!” – Jennifer (Mighty Mama Bear)

4. The sheer pain of treading on those tiny pieces of Lego.

“We’ve heard ‘mummy, mummy, mummy’ a million times and have trodden in enough Lego to last a lifetime!” – Hanna (Little Snippets)

5. Baby Shark, Blippy and those toy videos on YouTube Kids!

“We deserve wine because we just listened to Baby Shark 62 times in a row!” – Christy (Welsh Mum of One) “Because we have successfully managed to evolve into intelligent creatures who don’t eat their young…but, the struggle is real!! If both of mine have remained undigested by the end of the day then I definitely deserve an alcoholic reward! Also, Blippy on YouTube…pass the bottle!! – Emma (Dirt, Diggers and Dinosaurs) “Because being entertained by strangers opening eggs and revealing obnoxious talking toys and ‘Surprise! slime is just… weird.” Dashtgard (Mixed Race Family)

6. Hanging around in Soft Play

Soft play is a place like no other. Like them or loathe them, they’re somewhat of a necessity at times. (We found a heavenly soft play that serves up fresh food and coffee, as well as having play buddies to look after the children, so nice places do exist!). Just don’t get yourself stuck in the rollers Daddy Pig style!

7. Being indestructible.

“We have been awake 15 hours and in that time have only peed twice, made 4 drinks yet drank none and eaten only leftovers all to the soundtrack of “Mummy, hear this. Mummy get this. MUMMY ARE YOU LISTENING?” – Anna (Me, Annie Bee)

8. The eternal ‘Why?’

“I want that potato” “Ok, here’s your potato” “Why?” “Because you asked for it” “Why?” “I don’t know” “Why?” … Continue for eternity!! – Sophie (Life as Mrs D)

9. Having to deal with sick and poo in copious amounts.

“When a toddler gets a sick bug, it doesn’t matter where you’re standing, you’re still going to get covered in something – whether it’s sick or poop! Also – potty training. Enough said.” – Rachael (Lukeosaurus and Me)

10. Simply surviving the day.

“Trying to tire out a toddler is tiring! There’s a fine line between tiring them out so they sleep through night, but not too much that they fall asleep at the wrong time ruining your chances of having any evening to yourself! You’ve gotta get the mix of messy play, walks to the park, scooter rides and shopping trips just right if you’re gonna get to enjoy that glass of wine in peace, at a reasonable hour… that is, unless you fall asleep putting the toddler to bed! (That’s my party trick!)” – Rachel (Kids, Cuddles and Muddy Puddles) As a parent of a small child, you find yourself dealing with various tantrums (usually over the most crazy of things), and if you’ve managed to successfully ditch the dummy, it’s difficult to find ways of pacifying them so you just have to embrace the highs and ride the tricky times out.

Which wine should I buy?

We never seem to have time to browse the aisles of the supermarket when we go shopping these days (you know what it’s like taking a toddler around for the weekly shop), so we were pleased to discover a great site called Latest Deals which hand-picks the latest wine deals so you know exactly where to head to. As well as alerting you to where the best prices on wine are and the deals in the supermarket and online, you can also find other wine-themed items you can buy such as pretty wine glasses, coolers, racks and pretty much anything to do with wine. If you find yourself getting click happy, the site is also great for finding deals on anything you can think of. Birthday presents, food shopping, holidays – it’s all there. But in the meantime, my searching is first set to wine!

Let’s get the glasses out and pour.

Being a parent is tough yet rewarding. So, enjoy that 9 p.m glass of wine. Congratulate yourself for getting through the day and doing it well. But also congratulate yourself for creating a wonderful, amazing small human being. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about. What’s your reason as a parent for enjoying that glass of wine? Let us know using the comments box below, or join in the conversation with Happy Family Hub on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. *This is a collaborative post, however all views and opinions are my own or those from other parents as quoted.*

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