Whizzing around on the Micro Trike: a buggy alternative

Hooray for the Micro Trike! Toddlers can be fiercely independent. Picture the scene – your toddler refuses point blank to go in the buggy as they want to walk themselves. You’ve given up trying to wrestle them in against their will and are actually glad to not have to push around the bulky buggy. They start off walking just fine (by ‘fine’, I mean running at top speed in the opposite direction you need to go but at least going on their own two feet!). Infact, you also have hands free to get the shopping done. Perfect. But then comes the familiar toddler tantrums and also begging to be carried. Familiar?

Step forward the Micro Trike!

We’ve recently had the chance to try out the Micro Trike, a new initiative from popular scooter company ‘Micro’. Micro market it as an alternative to using a pushchair, whilst giving your toddler the independence and excitement of a ride-on. The text on the box reads ‘shopping with the kids is fun’ (yeah right I thought to myself if our experiences of getting around the supermarket is anything to go by). So, we just had to try it out for ourselves and see what the deal was! Micro have a Swiss Engineering team and have been around since they first introduced their popular scooters back in 1999.

What exactly is it?

The Micro Trike is a lightweight trike suitable for children from 18 months and the maximum weight limit it can take is 20kg. It is a ride on rather than a traditional trike with pedals, and a whole lot lighter. It is:
  • Foldable – it folds flat so you can fit this easily in the car and on public transport. I’ve even heard it fits in the overhead locker of an aeroplane, but we haven’t tested this one out yet.
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the footrest dependent on your child’s height. This is very easy and all adjustments can be made by supplied allan keys.
  • Secure – it has a seatbelt that goes around the waist and through the legs to keep your child safe from tumbling off.
  • Portable – it is extremely lightweight (not too much more than a bag of sugar) so you can easily carry it with you wherever you are going.
  • Easy to steer – I can steer the micro trike (with or without my toddler on it) extremely easy. It is very quick and smooth and goes along very quickly. My daughter can also steer it very easily and sometimes likes to push it along herself.

What do we think?

I can safely say that the Micro Trike has been a huge hit, both with us parents and also with our daughter. Little C has enjoyed riding the trike. She feels like a ‘big girl’ sat upright and can see much more of the world around her. It goes quickly (twice as fast when Daddy is pushing) and is comfortable to sit on. She can also push herself along with her feet. This usually happens at supermarket checkouts when she’s trying to escape! We’ve been to all sorts of places. Micro did not lie when they said the Micro Trike makes shopping fun. We have had fun whizzing around the supermarket, high streets and shopping centres. We have taken it to all sorts of places, on the bus, to the park, to the beach and other days out. It has been so handy to push around and also keep with us. I can easily steer it one-handed too (this was particularly helpful last weekend as we went to the beach so were also carrying lots of bags). We can also carry it when we need to. I find this useful when we are at a shopping centre and Little C wants to ride the escalators. When we have the buggy I have to refuse and insist we take the lift. With the micro trike, we can explore everywhere and anywhere! You do have to be careful with the steering up and down kerbs (it may need to give it a lift up with your hands when the kerb isn’t quite flat) but is stable and sturdy otherwise. Great for parents and great for children. At the end of the day it easily stores away in the cupboard under the stairs, ready for another fun-filled day ahead.

Where can I find out more?

The Micro Trike is currently available in Black, White, Blue and Pink and retails for approximately £79.95 (price correct at time of writing). You can buy the Micro Trike on Amazon, and also find out more and buy directly from the Micro website. (Disclaimer: We were sent a trike for purposes of this review, but all opinions and pictures are my own. This post may contain affiliate links)

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