The Magic of Liverpool FC – Personalised Children’s Book Review

Personalised children’s books have been around for years. I remember having one as a child. I always thought it was so much fun that I was the star character. Personalised books can encourage children’s personal development as the child feels like they are part of the story.  In turn, the child contributes more in terms of speech and interaction. Better interaction leads to more reading, more fun and more learning.

The Magic of Liverpool FC

We recently had the opportunity to try out a new personalised children’s book called ‘The Magic of Liverpool FC’, which is part of the ‘My Magic Story’ series. The Story Tailors, who produce these books offer a number of different stories as well as this one, including ‘The Magic of FC Barcelona’ and ‘The Story of My Name’. Our daughter is proving herself to be a bit of a football fan, even at this young age. Little C’s daddy is a huge Liverpool fan, so this has meant that the Anfield magic has also rubbed off on her. We love reading several times each day (see some of our previous book recommendations). This personalised book in particular seemed like the perfect choice for her! little girl in bed with cuddly toy looking at her Liverpool FC poster

Ordering & receiving the book

Ordering the book was really simple. We went to The Magic of Liverpool FC website where we then selected ‘Create my personalised book’. You select whether the book is for a boy or a girl and are then given an option of different characters. There was a good selection of hair colours and ethnicities. The little blonde girl matched our daughter’s looks and personality perfectly (as if by magic, right?). We were then asked to enter her name and were then given the option to preview the book on screen. We loved seeing her name in print, but we saved the book as a surprise for when we received the actual physical copy. After we previewed the book, we could then put it in the basket to complete the checkout process. We also had the chance to add a special dedication in the front of the book, although we chose to retain the standard one.
“CHARLOTTE, today it’s your turn. Welcome to this great adventure at the Anfield stadium! We hope that you will enjoy this book as much as you love seeing your team score! And just remember, with Liverpool FC, You’ll Never Walk Alone.”
We received the book in the post within about 7-10 working days. You can choose different levels of delivery to suit your needs. The book came in a sturdy envelope and fit through the letterbox, so there was no need for fuss in case of a missed delivery. Once the book arrived, we (all) couldn’t wait to get stuck in and see what the book was like!

What did we think?

The book itself was about Charlotte, who finds herself being invited to play with Liverpool FC at Anfield. She finds herself in situations with lots of different players in the book – such as Mohamed Salah, Jordan Henderson, Roberto Firmino and even manager Jürgen Klopp! The story has good morals running through it, especially related to teamwork and expectation. Charlotte enjoyed reading about herself and was very excited to be on the same pages as her favourite football player Salah. There are many pages to the book, it is a nice length – not too long, not too short. The graphics are colourful and very good – we recognised each and every player immediately. We got the hardback version which I would say would be a very good investment as a nice keepsake book that can last through the years. It’s a must for any young Liverpool Football Club fan!

A story of teamwork

I like it when children’s books have an educational purpose, as well as being entertaining and this book definitely lives up to that. The storyline is inspiring and also gives the child a chance to ‘live’ out their dream of playing at Anfield. We have all enjoyed reading the book time and time again and continue to do so; it is definitely one of Charlotte’s favourite books. You can order your copy by going the My Magic Story website. You can also visit the My Magic Story social media pages on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Whichever book you may choose, we know your child will also enjoy their own magic story! (Disclaimer: We received a copy of this book for the purposes of this review, however all views and opinions are our own.)

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