A brand new shiny year — hello 2018!

Okay, so we’re six days in now and it’s a little late — (never really thought about at what point do we stop thinking / talking about the ‘new year’) but the sentiments of this post still ring true. Resolutions. Or do we call them goals? I think mine are just resolutions as I wouldn’t yet want to quantify them enough to be goals, more like keep on doing the best you can in order to achieve the right direction in each of these areas marked for continuous improvement. So here are my resolutions for the year ahead:

(1) Get Organised

This is quite a big one for me. I find that when I’m doing well at this game they call life, I am quite organised. It’s usually one of my biggest plus points, but sometimes when things get tough or life gets busy, it slips by the wayside. You know that phrase ‘a tidy house is a tidy mind’ — well I think I can apply that to personal admin too. A tidy and organised personal admin schedule (housework, cleaning, emails and chores) means a tidy mind too. It’s great to know what you’re doing, what you’ve left to do — and also what you’ve achieved!

(2) Be Positive 

Sometimes this is easier said than done, but I do maintain that if you are being as positive you can be at all times, then you are dealing situations the best you can. Negativity can bring you down. We all have various demons to bear, but just think of the positives in your life and how you can bring them to your advantage. Plus, when you start smiling — check out other reactions to you. “Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.” What a great thought!

(3) Follow the rule of 4

Something I came up with as a guide to myself about one of the ways in how best we could spend time with our child. Every day we try to do at least 4 things with our daughter — 1. Play outside, 2. Read a book (or ten!), 3. Do something creative (painting, play-dough, sticking) and 4. Do something imaginative (tea sets, doctor’s kit, play house games etc). Through play we can also add word recognition, counting and other activities so she is also learning.

(4) Eat Healthy / Increase physical fitness

 Although this is a stereotypical ‘new year’s resolution’ and one that takes a lot of dedication, there are quick easy wins to add to the cause too. One of those being meal planning — making sure meals are varied, nutritious and good for the whole family to enjoy. If I am prepared and have fresh ingredients in the house, it means we’re less likely to make quick, not so good choices. We use a Peter Rabbit Meal Planner which helps us! I intend to follow the Slimming World healthy eating plan which I followed successfully following the birth of Little C. This plan involves natural foods so is perfect for feeding the family healthily too without exposing them to any ‘fad’ food or habits. I can also increase physical fitness together with our daughter — games in the garden and at home, down the park etc — so it doesn’t have to necessarily mean time down the gym (because let’s face it, how many spare hours a week do parents actually get a week to get down to the gym these days?)

(5) Continue to be a good parent 

There are no fixed rules to how you parent right, so I aim to ensure I (together with my fiance) am doing the best for our daughter in all I do. Being there for her 24/7 and providing a good role model and someone to turn to and help navigate her way in the world. Patience when dealing with tantrums (as well as laying down what is right and wrong, a bit of understanding when tantrums are building up so as to have some empathy on her thoughts and frustration), consistency of actions, a good solid routine (including bedtime!) and supporting her growth and development in all aspects (nutritional, emotional, learning, physical). As well as the general, we will be looking towards successfully potty training and finally ditching the dummy this year.

(6) Work towards the perfect Work-Life balance

Continue developing my career in order to support a greater work-life balance. Do not allow work to get in the way of family time, but at the same time allow ambition to be achieved alongside motherhood — watch this space!

(7) Cherish personal relationships

Make time for family and friends regularly. It can be a juggle keeping up with family and friends when busy parenting and getting the balance right, so be a good a relation and friend as possible by keeping in touch and spending time with those dear. Life’s too short!

So, 2018 is the year I continue to be kind. Kind to myself, my daughter, my fiance, family and friends and make the most of life. I hope that the downs aren’t too punishing and the ups are plentiful. What will it have in store for you?

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