Review: Squidgydoodle Unicorns & Rainbows Kids Craft Box

Crafting with our daughter is such a pleasure. Despite the mess it creates, the passion and creativity is a delight to see. We are often looking for new ideas of what crafts we can do, so we were pleased to have the opportunity to review a Squidgydoodle craft box. Squidgydoodle was started by Debbie, a mum to 2 children who love to get arty. It provides ideas of creative activities to do at home in the form of pre-filled craft boxes.

What’s in the box?

Each box is:
  • hand-packed with 4 craft activities containing all the materials you need
  • is available in individual boxes (to enjoy alone) or party boxes (to enjoy with friends)
  • delivered through your letterbox
  • a different theme – some of the current boxes on offer are spring surprise, superheroes, unicorns and rainbows, winter wonderland

A special rainbow unicorn delivery

We chose to enjoy the Unicorns and Rainbows box. We arrived home one lunchtime and it was waiting for us, as the postman had been while we were out (a common story). As it comes through the letterbox, there’s no need to schedule a visit to the delivery office to collect anything! The package was brightly coloured and personally addressed to us. Exciting! We then unpackaged the box to find everything we needed for the different activities – glitter, card, elastic, paint, a pipette (for squirting paint) and a glue stick, just to name a few things.

Time to get squidgy!

There were four activities in the Unicorns and Rainbows craft box that we enjoyed.
  • Rainbow scrape painting – we placed a card rainbow on paper and squirted paint around it. Little C then used the card to scrape across the rainbow until the paper was filled with paint. We then peeled off the rainbow shape to produce a great effect and topped off with glitter and tissue paper decorations.
  • Rainbow rain unicorn – Our daughter thought this was the best thing ever (‘I like the unicorn I do’) and it was really fun to create. With this one, you mix paint and water and drip the paint vertically over the unicorn (like rain). Once dry, you peel the unicorn off and voila! A rainbow unicorn. A definite hit in our house.
  • Unicorn crown – A must for any budding unicorns. Everything is provided to make your own unicorn crown (complete with magnificent horn). Little C spent a long time adding lots of embellishments to her crown and colouring with a rainbow crayon. She then finished off with endless lashings of magic glitter. I then threaded the elastic and she could wear on her head. Sadly, they never stay still for those photos do they!
  • Rainbow slime – the final activity we pulled out of the box was rainbow slime. I haven’t met a child yet who doesn’t like the feel of slime, and ours is no exception. The slime was a child friendly cornflour based mix with the addition of rainbow fizzers to make it colourful and to fit the theme. It was all runny at first but then as we got our fingers in it to get messy, it went thicker. We had great fun hiding various toys in the slime and hunting them out!

Convenient and fun

Squidgydoodle never fails to delight. A lot of thought has gone into these boxes and we certainly discovered this when we received ours! There were lots of different activities, so there was no time to get bored. It actually filled quite a decent portion of the afternoon (which is a bonus when looking after children as you can imagine!). The boxes are suitable for ages 3+, my daughter is 2 and half and it was fine for her. No small bits and the crafts can be enjoyed by all ages. I had to stop myself from taking over too much, I may have to buy one for myself as well as our daughter next time! I like the fact that everything is included and also that the craft ideas had already been made for us. Sometimes I feel like I come up with the same art ideas to do with our little one so it was nice for someone else to take on the role of imaginer! Top marks as well for the quality of glitter. Never would I think that having so much glitter is a good idea, but this stuff really seemed to be cleaned up easily. Bravo, Squidgydoodle for your fabulous boxes and I look forward to enjoying many creative days ahead with our daughter!

Where can I find out more?

Sadly, since writing this review, Squidgydoodle have now taken a break from creating craft boxes. However, if they do resume their business in future then I will update this post with all their details. *Note – I received a craft box free of charge in exchange for a review. However, all views and opinions are my own.*

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