Fun and Spooky Paper Plate Craft Idea!

This is a guest post by Mrs Mactivity who make creative printable learning resources for parents and teachers (aimed at children!). Halloween is such a fun and creative time of year! It marks the definite end of summer and start of the winter season, which of course means Christmas is well on its way! Halloween to a lot of children means an evening of dressing up, and the giving and receiving of sweets and treats. In a way you can’t blame them for getting super excited! It’s a good opportunity to also engage children in more creative activities to help develop their imaginations and fine motor skills too. What’s not to like? With that in mind, we’ve got a really cute and easy craft for you today, that also incorporates a spot of reading and writing too.

What you need

  • 1 paper plate
  • a split pin (also called a paper fastener)
  • this Halloween paper plate craft template
  • pens and pencils to colour in
  • scissors
  • glue


Print off the Halloween paper plate craft template, then cut around the dotted lines so you are left with two circles. Using the black and white sheet, ask your child to invent their own monster, and write their monster name! Then colour in the rest of the design. Stick the completed design on your plate using a glue stick. Make a hole in the middle of your design sheet – we actually used a drawing pin for this, but your split pin should be ok. Don’t actually keep the split pin there, that part will come next. Cut along the dotted line of the top, coloured sheet, so you get a “wedge” opening to see the sheet underneath. Ask your child to write their name on the front. Then make another hole with your split pin and pin through the hole to the back of the plate. This is the fun bit! Your child can spin the plate round showing their spooky colouring in and then, their own spooky monster design (mine is not so good!). You could even challenge your children to do their best ghost/vampire/pumpkin impression as they spin the top sheet round. Or tell a ghost/vampire/pumpkin joke depending where the spinner lands! You could even alter this activity slightly to make your own bottom sheet complete with Halloween themed jokes or facts, revealing them as they spin the top sheet round. At Mrs Mactivity we also have lots of other Halloween resources you really don’t want to miss. What’s your favourite spooky craft idea? Comment below or join in the conversation on Happy Family Hub’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Thank you to Mrs Mactivity for this guest post – we wholeheartedly recommend her website for lots of fun, educational ideas to do with the children.

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